Mister Mansion


Mister Mansion aka Ant Dogg the Hogg was born and raised in the city of Covington in the great state of Louisiana.  Throughout my schooling I was considered top of the class.  I was involved with drama, the band and sports. In theatre  we had to write and memorize scripts.  Little did I know this experience would be helpful in my rap career.  In middle school I performed Cinderfella by Dana Dane and won first place in a school talent show. To see the crowd react is probably the reason I fell in love with the game.  Listening to NWA and local groups out of New Orleans influenced me to write my own raps.  My experiences growing up in the hood influenced me to write all kinds of music.  Anything from bounce to bling- bling, to gangster rap.  I even wrote gospel rap,church songs,and a lil country.  

In high school I joined the band.  I was known as "Bout It" which means down to do whatever.  My skills to perform and be seen in the spotlight were developed in the Covington High School Marching Band.  My senior year I became section leader.  My leading ability was unmatched and that year the drum section went from being considered the band clowns to the disciplined group of percussion specialists.  We battled other drum sections at every chance to show that we were down to do whatever.  My band career was similar to the movie Drumline and I was Nick Cannon.  I couldn't read that well but I was the man when it came to performance.  

In 2002, I started my own label, On Lock Records. A few years later I ran into J Roq the Movemaker.  He introduced me to the Blue Chip Entertainment family.In 2007,we dropped "I-10 Connected" the first album I was ever featured on."The Change We Believe In "soon followed.In 2010,I decided to takeover my own career and make my own decisions from start to finish.That year I dropped my first solo mixtape titled "2010 Trying to Win".Due to the success and compliments from fans I decided to drop my next mixtape"Nothing's Gonna Stop Me".Slow motion better than no motion, so day to day I am learning how to play "THE GAME". Stay Tuned!!
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